Home Grown Meal

In the depths of winter here we are still picking heaps of delicious food from our vegetable garden. Tonight I went out at dusk to pick some greens, and chose Black Tuscan Kale, Curly Kale, Sugar Snap peas, Broccoli side shoots and Tatsoi, but the Beetroot caught my eye too, so I pulled a small one, then I passed the Orange tree, so picked enough for juice in the morning …. oh yes, a few Lemons as well. Stuart was cooking flathead fillets that were caught in the Moruya River, good local fish. After it had poached in the cast iron pan he made a sauce by adding butter, flour, parsley and lime juice. He baked some Irish Cream potato oven chips (bought from a local grower) and Sweet Potato from our garden. The sugar snap peas were stir-fried with ginger.

sugar snap peas stir-fried with ginger (the beetroot is a ring-in!) and we have already helped ourselves!

We chopped and steamed the greens, saving the broccoli for tomorrow, and steamed the whole small beetroot separately. When the food came to the table and we filled our plates I was thrilled with the colours and aromas, and began to eat before I thought of photographing it all! So forgive the messy plate, I just want to show you the rich colours and you can imagine the rest.


For optimum nutrition and a sustainable lifestyle nothing beats home grown food, so if you have been meaning to start a garden why not begin now, maybe with a small pot of your favourite herbs?


18 thoughts on “Home Grown Meal

  1. Your dinner looks delicious, and while tonight we’re grabbing [city] pizza, tomorrow we’re off to our house in the country for a self-proclaimed long weekend, and will indulge in the markets & local produce. Until then…

  2. Wish I had more time to grow my own veggies. I do have my own apple tree though and they’re just about ready to pick. Last year I had the picking all done and dusted by 31st July but in the UK this year the weather has been so bad that everything is behind. I think my aim for today will be to repot my aloe vera plant. I’m sure it will be happier – and I can also give its two babies a home of their own. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. What a wonderful meal you have dished up. Maybe next year I’ll start a garden. My friend and neighbor always supplies me with food from her garden. You are right there is nothing like it.


  4. I don’t have a big enough garden for veggies and fruit, but we have a wonderful local market shop which has really fresh produce. Your meal looks so healthy and delicious.

  5. So delicious – and rewarding to have grown most of the veggies yourself. I enjoy veggie gardening but don’t have any time to do any kind of gardening now – I do the minimum to keep my indoor plants going and that’s it.

  6. Just so happens that I’m busy hacking back the foliage in our garden (much to the annoyance of the birds) with a return to growing vegetables at home 🙂 Courgettes and Runner beans have always done well!

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