The Quay

When we had an unexpected day in Sydney a fortnight ago, waiting for our delayed flight to Lord Howe Island, we enjoyed every moment. After treating ourselves to a delicious Yum Cha in Chinatown we hopped on a bus to the Quay. When I was a teenager we lived near the zoo in the prestigious harbour-side suburb of Clifton Gardens, so I was often on a ferry bound for the city. While I was training as an orthoptist I caught the ferry to the Quay every weekday for two years. I still love to sit there watching the ferries come and go, feeling the excitement of the crowds of tourists, the pulse of our beautiful city of Sydney.

Radiant sunshine on the waters of Sydney Harbour as a water taxi backs out, a Rivercat eases in, with the icons of the Harbour Bridge on the left and the Opera House on the right.

Here are the wharves with the traditional green and yellow painted Sydney Harbour Ferries bringing back memories of my harbour travelling days.

Ferry close-up, I cant resist them, even all the old ferries of my youth have retired this one looks very like them.

After a while soaking up the ambience of the Quay we entered the Museum of Contemporary Art which is in the old Maritime Services Board building, all traditional on the outside but modern on the inside. We were thrilled to see the 18th Biennale of Sydney was on, and I will share some super artworks with you soon. Dont you love the view of the Quay from inside the building? There is a rooftop cafe too where you can dine while gazing out at the Opera House and the harbour.

This view was taken from the lift (elevator) as we came down from the roof sculpture garden. See the large Manly ferry at the end wharf? They have to cross the opening of the harbour and often meet big swells, so must be bigger and more powerful ferries.

Back out on the Quay we heard the familiar sounds of the Didjeridoo as aboriginal players busked for the visitors. There are usually large crowds around, but this one must have just started, and I was able to get a clear view for the camera as we walked past. We were hurrying for a Zoo ferry, I will do that post tomorrow, so come for the ride!

12 thoughts on “The Quay

  1. Love the yellow ferry boats and the photo with the opera house in the background. Would love to hear the sound coming from those instruments in the last photo.


  2. Thank you for my day trip to Sydney! I realise looking at your photos that it is over 10 years since I visited, just loved it! So many happy memories. And oh the ferry to Manly, now you’re talking my language, I just remembe rsitting on the top and smiling, no let’s say grining, at the sheer pleasure of it all. Looking forward to the next installment 🙂

  3. I absolutely love the perspective of that first shot, Christine – glad you had sunshine for your unexpected time here – it has been pretty wet lately. I also love to watch the passing parade on Circular Quay and to ride the ferries 🙂 We tend to only do it now when we have visitors.

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