Gathering our courage and some lunch we set off for a grade 4 walk up a steep hillside and across sea cliff edges to some spectacular lookouts on Lord Howe. The track began on a precipitous grassy paddock above Ned’s Beach. Our boots sank into muddy divots left by previous climbers and cattle, we stopped for breath half a dozen times, and almost thought that was enough. After enjoying our first views over the island the track led us into the tough wind-pruned forest, barely higher than our heads. Although we continued to climb sharply it was the most delightful path, winding through the bonsaied trees, emerging here and there to give us gusty ocean glimpses, until we reached Malabar at 200 metres, where we sat and picnicked. Stuart sketched, I gazed out at sea birds on the cliffs in the distance. The next phase was marvelous, taking us down again until we could climb the next ridge up to Kim’s, that is where these photos were taken. After that it was many hundreds of steps down again through a pristine landscape, accompanied by the songs of the Golden Whistlers, until we came onto boardwalk leading us out of the forest, yes, now the normal large forest, at the eastern end of the island. We were so exhilarated to have survived the climb and the descent we hardly noticed our sore bits!




12 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Beautiful and breathtaking. I am so glad you made it to photograph this wonderful sight. I would never have made it. A photo challenge for today was to “Get High”, your post sure did fulfill that challenge. Thanks for sharing.


    • Good to hear from you Francine, so glad you enjoyed the post, it was a brilliant walk, but challenging ….. We are nearly home, so I might do the get high post again then!

  2. A breathtaking view worth every walk and energy. It’s like being a top of the world, with a beautiful ocean below. Thanks for sharing this amazing adventure. Have a great weekend.

  3. Spectacular to be able to see the curves of the island and the beautiful blues. Well done for making it (I probably wouldn’t!) and thanks for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

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