Gorgeous sunshine, so we walked to the sheltered side of the island yesterday, through awesome forests of Banyan trees. One we estimated was 130metres of canopy, with great wandering limbs propped on specialized roots. Palms and other trees struggled sideways to find their own share of the light.

We gazed out from the Clear Place at the distant peak of Balls Pyramid, rising ghostly in the haze.

ghostly image of Balls Pyramid


Then walked back through forest where a Land Care team worked on weed eradication, and down to Ned’s Beach. Here people were swimming, paddling, snorkeling, and feeding fish. It was hot! For a dollar you can buy fish food from a dispenser, so we took our turn and went into the water. No matter how exciting you think it might be, nothing can prepare you for the real experience. A whole shoal of fish, mullet, kingfish and wrasse swam about our legs, leaping and bumping as each morsel of food was thrown …. Absolutely thrilling!!!!





12 thoughts on “Sunshine

    • We did not see them on the banyans but there was one on our porch …… I got a perfect picture … will share when home again … In Sydney now with good wifi but home tonight 🙂

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