We had an uneventful flight early yesterday, coming down through thick cloud and rain to sight the island, then the rain stopped, the cloud lifted, and the plane slid in over the beach to land. A crowd was waiting at the tiny terminal, people who had been stuck on the island since our flight had turned back two days earlier. The sun shone for a few minutes the the heavens opened again and we drove off with Bill from Mary Challis Cottages. After three mornings of waking up at 4am to travel we suddenly felt tired, and awoke two hours later to seize the day. There was No more rain as we explored the walking track to Transit Hill, through beautiful ferns, Kentia palms and rainforest. Later our hostess drove us up the hill to Beachcomber Lodge to have a delicious fish meal, and afterwards our chef drove us home. Today is sunny but windy, and we have booked a glass bottomed boat trip for tomorrow when the wind is supposed to swing around to a more friendly direction.






25 thoughts on “Finally!

    • gilly it was great, soooo enjoyable, and now we are home i will share a lot more with you through the blog, plus soon will catch up on all your posts too πŸ™‚

    • thanks claire, you are the first to mention the new header, i felt it was time for a change, also if i dont play around with these things i soon forget how to do it! the holiday was wonderful, even better for being so hard to get there!

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