Bad Weather

We are still in the airport in Sydney after our little plane turned back from the island yesterday. Strong gusty winds, low cloud and heavy rain made it impossible for the flight to land safely. Skies in Sydney were blue, but about half and hour into the flight we were in thick cloud. Fortunately Qantas gave us meals and accommodation overnight, but here we are again with the flight being delayed twice already this morning. Would you enjoy some airport photos? Sorry cant do that yet, but sitting here playing with the iPad I will soon be proficient! Fingers crossed for cloud clearing soon.



8 thoughts on “Bad Weather

  1. That’s happened to me; even flew around a tornado once, couldn’t land in Grand Rapids, flew back to Detroit, and just got unloaded before they closed the airport and the storm ROARED thru there! SAFE AND BLESSED TRAVELS.

  2. What bad luck, Christine! But I’d rather think of you learning how to turn your iPad into a computer than being tossed around in a little plane unable to land on a speck of land in a storm tossed ocean:) Fingers crossed!

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