Lord Howe Island beckons

Tomorrow morning early we fly off to visit Lord Howe Island, a very small outcrop of land in the Pacific Ocean off the NSW coast. We are staying in a self-catering cottage and there is no WI-Fi so I may be out of touch for a week, but you never know, if a chance is offered I will try to post. To travel lightly I will only have the iPad, another new experience … can I download my photos to the iPad and construct a post???? A week of adventure, not only with my new device. Rain is forecast, but when it is fine I will be seeking out the birds, and hoping to snorkel.

Lord Howe Island — widely regarded as the most beautiful island in the Pacific — is the closest island getaway to Sydney, and a part of New South Wales. It’s less than two hours flying from either Sydney or Brisbane off Australia’s east coast. It is one of just four island groups to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list for the global significance of its natural beauty and heritage.

Lord Howe Island is considered to be an outstanding example of an island ecosystem developed from submarine volcanic activity, having a rare diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna (both marine and terrestrial). The high proportion of endemic species provides a superb illustration of independent evolutionary processes at work.

The island has over 130 species of bird; the sheltering coral reef hosts over 500 species of fish and 90 different corals. The reef is in pristine condition, washed by the cleanest ocean on the planet.

The crystal lagoon is bordered by the world’s most southerly coral reef. Just wander in off the beach to snorkel among colourful tropical and sub-tropical fish, turtles and other marine life. The water is so clean and clear, it’s like swimming in an aquarium.

For adventurers, there are bushwalks and more strenuous hikes, including Mt Gower, rated as one of the world’s best day walks. And to ease tired muscles, there is a choice of spa treatments.

To set foot on Lord Howe Island is to escape to a pristine environment, where you’ll be met with friendly hospitality and the kind of holiday experience that you’ll never want to leave.

19 thoughts on “Lord Howe Island beckons

  1. oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!!! That looks absolutely blissful. An island paradise. I hope you find a quiet spot to sit still and feel the essence of the place. Have a lovely time. 🙂

  2. You’re very lucky! Only a very small number of people are allowed to go there. That’s near that strange rock in the ocean, Ball’s Pyramid too.

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