Joy of Being Retreat Weekend 2012

The wonderful Joy of Being Retreat will take place on the last weekend of October this year, that is 27th and 28th October 2012. This is your opportunity to have a quiet and restorative few days of yoga, art and fine vegetarian dining by the sea at Bingie.  Our theme this year is Spectrum, experiencing the full spectrum of life, of the senses, of colour and movement. That is easy to do at beautiful Dadirri, nestled in bushland at the foot of Mullimburra Point, Bingie.

Walk on deserted beaches, meditate on the great granite boulders at Grey Rocks, relax in the evening with wallabies and kangaroos grazing, sit around a campfire and dream.

Our very exciting guest teacher is Mary Shellens, who will share her love of belly dancing with us, and lead us in simple heart-opening Dru Yoga. Mary is a bubbly person, very active in IYTA, and currently training with Dru, a person to inspire and uplift you!

Stuart will open his art studio for more creative adventures using both natural materials and bright colours, no previous experience is necessary. In a morning workshop with no holds barred you will discover your spontaneous inner artist.

Chefs supreme Tobie Patrick and Stuart will provide gourmet food to nourish the body as well as the soul, a highlight at each retreat.

Christine will bring teaching on Being, living with non-dual awareness, experiencing our divine nature. Of course there will be Restorative Yoga and relaxation to complete the full spectrum of your weekend!

For more information look at the posts on previous retreats, here and here.

Full cost is $225, includes all meals and art materials. You can enjoy indoor or outdoor camping, get in early to guarantee your preference. Distant guests are welcome to arrive on Friday evening, and even stay over Sunday evening if desired.

Register your interest by emailing, or simply find out more by phoning Christine on +61 (02) 4473 6226. You can see the POSTER for this retreat here.

More on Mary:

Mary trained with IYTA in 2003-4, and has been teaching yoga ever since. She loves to bring a lightness and sense of fun to her teaching. Mary got so much out of the IYTA Teacher Training Course, that she decided to give something back. Her active roles include Secretary of the Committee of Management, and Flexible Course Manager for the flexible timing version of the main course. Mary is also working on the next IYTA convention – to be held 4-6 October 2013 (book this date for yourself!!).
As well as yoga, Mary has a passion for belly dancing. Some of you may have experienced her yoga and belly dancing class at the 2010 IYTA Convention.  Mary will be very happy to share this class with you all at the retreat, this time with wonderful accompanying music. It will help your feminine energy to flow and release your creativity!
Soon after the 2010 IYTA convention, Mary became captivated by Dru Yoga. She is now more than halfway through the Dru teacher training course. In her own words: “It feels like it has been designed especially for me! It is opening my eyes, and my heart, to so much more in our beautiful and wondrous yoga.” Mary is very much looking forward to sharing some Dru Yoga with you all. She will take you through beautiful flowing sequences, to help you connect more deeply with yourself and with the elements. Dru also offers some deliciously nurturing relaxation and partner practices and Mary will be delighted to help you bliss out in these!

17 thoughts on “Joy of Being Retreat Weekend 2012

  1. When distance between us is not a reality, I Am there in a heartbeat! When we are able to make our trip to Australia, I will check to plan to make it over a date when you are holding one of these retreats.

  2. What a treat to be able to retreat for even a few days at your special place Christine. It looks glorious, and from the photographs you’ve shared with us in the past, I can imagine how fantastic it would be. You never know, I might even make it, one year!

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