Patterns, leaves and sunlight

Every day I observe the patterns of life on the beach, the particular ripples in the sand made by the movement of the waves, the kind of wrack that is deposited on the shore by the rhythm of the swell, the sounds, aromas, colours, the smooth or scalloped edge of the beach, all continuously changing in a graceful dance of nature. Our lives are similarly caught in the great patterns, never the same from day to day despite our calendars and timetables. How wonderful to watch and rest and let it be. Wishing you joy and ease as you go with the flow of Life!

P.S. This photo is not from our beach, but from another where gum trees overhang the water, crowding down the rocky edge and leaning out expectantly towards the sea.

18 thoughts on “Patterns, leaves and sunlight

  1. Beautiful gentle words this morning Christine. Most of our local beaches are pebble and shingle so I don’t get to see these pretty patterns very often – so thank you! Hope you have a great week, and continue your good recovery

    • you are such a traveler ad you may have been there … a little beach near Port Arthur (a ruined convict settlement) in Tasmania …. we walked through a campsite and along the shady trails until we descended onto the gorgeous rocky cove … so peaceful and good for the grandchildren πŸ™‚

  2. I love the economy of this image. It’s so simple yet contains beautiful patterns, colors and light. Only an eye as careful as yours sees things like this, Christine. Thanks for sharing it.

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