A few little battles!

On a grey and wintery morning here in the land of sunshine I am tucked up in bed trying to find strength to do a post …. after a week when S has has been so ill he just slept all day and I unexpectedly had jaw surgery on Thursday morning. How can that happen you say?

I was on a cancellation list for the dentist for about four weeks with a relatively innocent niggling tooth. I completely forgot that the adjacent tooth and jaw had a nasty bone infection a few years ago, but when the dentist saw the xray he pointed out the osteomyelitis all around this second tooth, which had probably split. So impressed was he that his schedule was rearranged and I was back the next morning for a two hour surgery, where the tooth was extracted and the bone abraided to remove unhealthy tissue. So nine holes in the jaw later I was revived with oxygen and drove home to my sick husband. No prizes for guessing that S has decided to share his virus with me too, so things are bit challenging here.

One tip though, if you do not know about the miraculous powers of Traumeel to heal soft tissue damage you might be glad to learn about it. I had no pain by Friday morning, no bruising, and just a little swelling. Mind you with all the stitches inside my mouth I dont feel much like eating, but the healing is just great! I have told the dentist about Traumeel but because it is homeopathy he is not interested, too bad for his patients.

So that is about our battles with viruses and bacteria …. now for some kangaroo battles.

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28 thoughts on “A few little battles!

  1. Oh dear, Christine – how unpleasant. Things have a way of knocking us about all at once, don’t they? I wis you and S a good rest and a speedy recovery. It’s interesting to hear about Traumeel and that it has had such a strong anti-inflammatory effect. I had not heard of it before, so thanks. I took Bromelain Forte after my foot RFD procedures and also had no bruising and swelling – it is a pineapple extract. Love the kangaroo boxing slides – very funny 😀

    • Things are improving as the day progresses, thanks for your good wishes … And also interesting for me to learn about the Bromelain, and yes it was a perfect day to choose the kangaroo slides 🙂

  2. Yikes what a time you are having! I prefer homeopathic remedies…this sound like a great one. The last tooth extraction I had felt like the dentist and his crew had been in there with machetes. I bet this Traumeel would have been a good idea then. Hope you and yours get well soon.

    • hi eldy, almost better now, homeopathy certainly is more effective for me but i realise it does not suit everyone ….. my mother was into when i was a child and it worked then too … i first discovered Traumeel in Canada in 2006 so i am sure you will find it!

  3. Oh my goodness what a time of it you are having! I hope you both have speedy recoveries. And thanks for the info on Traumeel, I’ve not come across this before.
    The kanagroos are splendid!

  4. I hope you and S are feeling better now. I’ve never heard of Traumeel. I’ll check it out. Sounds like it might be a good thing to have on hand.

    I enjoyed the kangaroos. 🙂

    • only just now robin, it has been a long haul back to fitness! those kangaroos are impressive aren’t they? yesterday one of the big males was grazing peacefully around the orchard cages, battle over for a time 🙂

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