June Long Weekend: beach and more

I have not had time to post over the Queens Birthday long weekend, thanks to visitors and holidays. Now peace has resumed, here are some photos from our normally rather deserted beach. Even though it is a winter holiday we thought the beach was crowded!

Click on any image to see it larger …. and the one that is not here is the Swimmer, a local man who bicycles to the beach and swims the length of it and back, in his wetsuit … of course he is a regular so does not count in the crowd effect. Life is settling down again, we will be back there today with only the birds for company.


25 thoughts on “June Long Weekend: beach and more

  1. So funny that you consider your beach crowded! Here in the SE I sometimes forget how crowded in we are, and then living in a seaside town I want to see lots of people on the beach as it means it’s good for the town. But I’m sure you will soon have your beach back to normal!

    • such a great comment claire, of course there are really busy beaches in australia, but our closest beach is not particularly attractive (except for being quieter than the eastern facing beaches) so we expect that there is no-one there but us, or the odd walker …the beach is nameless, known as “our beach” by people who live nearby …. long ago our French exchange student was back in Sydney at school talking in class about her experience of “our beach” when another student spoke up and said “that is our beach, we have a holiday place at the northern end!” it was amazing but true even though it was a five hour drive from their school!! so i guess we guard it jealously from interlopers, which of course the bingie dreaming track is bringing more and more πŸ˜€

  2. Whenever I look at photos of the beach in Australia I am struck by how wide open it is and how it seems to go on forever. So different from the beaches in the Northeastern US where I live. Our beaches are very rocky and our coast juts in and out so you don’t get that expansive feel. I love the last photo…

    • thank you sue, i have not seen the beaches you describe, but you are right about our australian beaches, they are often quite long and open πŸ™‚

  3. Christine, i understand the personal beach angle, years ago my mother told a friend that my mother’s aunt was not her aunt, it broke her friend’s heart cause she had always called her Aunt, they told this story when they were close to ninety years old, your wish for a blank canvas for your walking is coming true,, MJ

    • what a sad story mj, and yes we enjoy the empty beach, or just seeing the Swimmer there, or the odd walker, but holidays do not last long and soon the visitors are all back in their cities πŸ™‚

    • dear paul, thank you so much, you know i really enjoy reading your blog, it is always so pertinent, directing my thinking to important issues of being that otherwise may not enter awareness, and since i decided a while ago that i cannot manage awards very well i may not make it public, but i am smiling!

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