Australasian Gannet

Australasian Gannet above the waves

Our first walk to the beach today, after the devastating winds and high tides in the past 48 hours. Trees had lost branches or been snapped in half, kindling littered the track, and the beach had been swept smooth by powerful waves that penetrated further inland than usual. The lagoon mouth had been totally reshaped, but it was life as usual for the birds. Bait fish must have been abundant because a small group of gannets were fishing, the Sea Eagle sat far away in a tree watching, Pied and Sooty Oystercatchers worked the beach edge, and the Reef Heron sat on his usual rocks. The sun shone, everything so fresh and shining after the storm.


17 thoughts on “Australasian Gannet

  1. Green blues, gray blues, blue blues all add up to a deliciously beautiful scene. Please box up a few gannets along with an ample supply of fish for them and ship them to Michigan. I’d love to have them soar in the air here! Thanks, Christine.

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