Whistling Kite

Whistling Kite on the wing

Two of these beautiful raptors were feeding on a dead kangaroo near Grey Rocks today. I could not get near enough to photograph them on the ground, but managed to catch a few photos of them circling, waiting for me to move on so they could resume their feed.

Whistling Kites are medium sized raptors, named for their whistling call. When they are around the flocks of little birds cluster in thick bushes near the house, moorhens take to the reeds, and they all wait until the Kites have gone before re-emerging. Whistling Kites have a varied live diet but in winter they do eat carrion, like the dead kangaroo. I suspect the bird I saw eating the turtle recently was actually a Whistling Kite.


13 thoughts on “Whistling Kite

    • oh yes, into the reeds or under the lily pads for sure … did i tell you that there are still two moorhens, one of the young and one adult … wonder if they will make a breeding pair this summer… hope the genders are right!

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