Wood Ducks

The Australian Wood Duck is also known as the Maned Goose. They are dabbling ducks, and can be found in large numbers on dams, paddocks, golf courses and waterways throughout Australia. They eat short grass, so they are thriving just now in the wet years we are enjoying after a prolonged drought.  These are on a large farm dam near Moruya, but each time I stop to photograph them they all swim to the far side, most unsociable of them! However today there are a few good images to share.

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10 thoughts on “Wood Ducks

  1. They’re lovely. There is a family of them in our local Stirk Park and we see them regularly with their little brood in tow. We’ve dubbed them Harold and Mavis and we’re crazy enough to say hello to them whenever we pass!!! LOL. Great shots Christine.

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