Evolving in these Times

My friend Sue wrote a beautiful blog today that included this video, worth viewing if you are aware of the changes in consciousness we are all experiencing at this time. It is encouraging and uplifting, gives you hope for the future of our troubled world, and ties in with the rise of feminine values we are seeing right now with the transit of Venus. Are you one of the leaders who will bring us through into a new era of health and peace on earth?

5 thoughts on “Evolving in these Times

  1. Thought does play a role in the outcome of our futures. I see more and more people becoming aware of this. My mother used to tell me to just ‘stop’, relax, and reflect, on the things that I wanted in life, to visualize myself as I’d like to be, and that the subconsciousness mind would help those thoughts into reality. Obviously, this concept is becoming more apparent everyday. I miss my mother and all of her wisdom. I enjoyed your video and for some reason, thought of Mom the entire time I listened to it. Very nice share. Thank you! 🙂

    • you had a very wise and beautiful mother, what a blessing, but now you are shedding that beauty in your life too with your lovely little orples, and your environmental concerns, thanks for your comment marcy 😀

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