Another quiet day on the beach, I am so happy S is able to walk with me again after his weeks of back pain. We both took our cameras and pottered along, or as Gilly might say “pootled” along. A perfect Dadirri day. My little friends the Red-capped Dotterels were busy at the waveline on the northern end, some Welcome Swallows treated us to acrobatics at the southern end, but my best photos were the shells, freshly deposited by the gentle swell.

To see the photos more clearly click on any image, then scroll through.

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“Since it is all so clear, it takes time to grasp it”. – Wumen


29 thoughts on “Seashells

  1. There is something eternal about seashells. Do you ever find glass? When we had our cottage on Lake Huron in Michigan I used to scour the beach for “sandblasted” pieces – blue, green, brown, I still have my collection.

  2. Yes! I can just imagine you pootling, always the best thing to do on a beach 🙂 I love shells, fascinating that they were some creatures home. Th shiny pink one is beautiful and the black and white one and the pearly one, wow, wow, wow. I wonder who lived in them. So glad that S is able to walk with you again 🙂

    • thanks gilly, so glad you enjoyed them so much, they come and go, the rhythm of the waves sometimes brings shells, sometimes other things, it is a constant source of delight to see what is there each day 🙂

  3. Fabulous shells! We have hardly any interesting shells on our beach. ;( I love the thought of pootling along the beach. So glad that S’s back is feeling much better. 😉

  4. Beautiful seashells. I have never seen so many varieties in one place. I also like the word pootling. Will have to use on my grandchildren. They will enjoy it.

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