Pawpaw Flowers

Friends are coming to visit us, to see Stuart’s exhibition, and to help us celebrate our 41st Wedding Anniversary today. I don’t have much time to spare, but thought you would enjoy the New Holland Honeyeater in the pawpaw trees. One plant is female and the other is male, you can tell by the position of the flowers. This tremendously pushy little honeyeater chases the other birds away from flowers, and is probably in the pawpaw to keep the Eastern Spinebill away. It does look beautiful doesn’t it?

New Holland Honeyeater, male pawpaw flowers

Now for the female plant, with flowers tucked in tight against the trunk.

New Holland Honeyeater, female pawpaw flowers

Wishing you all a very happy day, with some beauty, warmth and togetherness!

Love one another and you will be happy.Β  It’s as simple and as difficult as that.Β  ~Michael Leunig

23 thoughts on “Pawpaw Flowers

  1. The paw paw branches (stems?) look so close together, hardly enough space for a perch. Beautiful constrast the black and bright green. Happy anniversary! You’re doing good!

    • thank you Barb, our friends just called, they are almost here … a long drive from Sydney …. and the pawpaws here are small trees, not much higher than Stuart, so you are right!

  2. Beautiful captures. We do not have anything like the New Holland Honeyeater. Thank you for sharing, and happy anniversary!

  3. Lovely photos. I wonder if your pawpaw is the same as our pawpaw.

    Happy Anniversary! I hope Stuart’s exhibition went well. πŸ™‚

    • S threw the seeds of a very tasty papaya around the garden in the warm sheltered spots, we had about a dozen plants, then thinned out the abundant males, even so we are barely warm enough to ripen the fruit, and they dont like the august frost πŸ™‚

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