Eastern Spinebill

This is a very exciting time for the Eastern Spinebills. They are enormously busy, playing chasings and engaging in what can only be mating behaviour. With wings whirring they dash and dart, swoop and glide, not only with each other but also trying to stay ahead of the aggressive and numerous New Holland Honeyeaters who hound them away from the nectar-laden flowers.

The Spinebill, a delicate and graceful small honeyeater, has a longer beak and tongue, and can probably reach nectar in deeper flowers than other birds, and it also has the ability to hover at the flower when feeding.  We have known them all our lives, they are a precious part of our bushland. Here is a slideshow of images for you to enjoy!

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19 thoughts on “Eastern Spinebill

  1. Beautiful close up photos of this wonderful bird, the Eastern Spinebill. We don’t have this kind of bird in our region. Thanks for sharing. I hope you pick up the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award here. http://wp.me/p23TG1-JZ I hope every woman blogger recives this award.


  2. Christine, I don’t know why you don’t just pass out from effect of this beauty while taking these pictures! The composition of these is so striking. Thanks so much!

    • Dear Barb, perhaps it is all this beauty that sustains me day by day! I do feel that I soak it up, and fel great affection for all these wonderful creatures, what a wonderful thing life is!! Xx

  3. Thankyou for keeping your promise! How lovely they are. I have a feeling I would watch them all day, what pretty coloured busy little things. You did a great job capturing such speedy birds 🙂

  4. Fantastic fun sequence of photos – The sort of bird you can watch for hours without ever getting bored with their antics! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Wonderful pics! They remind me of times many years ago in Canada when we used to get humming-birds. Are they a similar size? Unfortunately we have no birds like this in France.

    • it is just a wordpress slideshow, you find it in the media area, just upload your pictures, make the captions and choose save all changes at the bottom, then below that you will see ‘insert gallery’ and ‘insert slideshow’ so just choose slideshow, then save your draft, go to preview and you will see what has happened!

    • thanks bluebee, they were in the correa right below my window here, i just surreptitiously slid it open and clicked away when i thought the bird might be in the frame 🙂

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