Bingie Wetlands

Bingie Wetlands, by Stuart Whitelaw

Almost two weeks ago S and I spent time at the back of the sand dunes in the Bingie Wetlands. The Bingie Dreaming Track meanders though this flat area on its way past Coila Lake to Tuross. We were there in the middle of the day, brilliant sunshine, strong colours. I wanted to share some photos of the area, and the marvelous painting S did while he was there. His exhibition called Being There opens next Wednesday at the Mechanics Institute in Moruya. Check out the paintings on his website!

During ten years of drought this area was dry, now there are large ponds and boggy marshland supporting water birds. The Dreaming Track comes down from Bingie Bingie Point winding through the slopes until it must enter the flat.

Stuart painting on the Bingie wetlands

A walkway has been constructed over a boggy patch, obviously now a favourite place for ducks to sit and preen. Their feathers catch on the reeds adjacent to the path.

Bingie Dreaming Track between Bingie and Coila

Then the track climbs up a little, through huge old trees, including Banksias with thick nobbly bark.

The shade is welcome!

After a few minutes you are back on the flat, and wondering if you can get through all the water! Here an old Eucalyptus tereticornis lies partly across the track, which is wading territory today.

track under water

There are ways around, and there is always the beach. This is view from the top of the sand dunes. If you are nearby it is a fantastic walk, instigated by the Bingie Residents and constructed with help from government grants and the NPWS. Here is the brochure for your interest.

Bingie Beach / Coila Beach

17 thoughts on “Bingie Wetlands

  1. What a surreal walk through trees that seem to enfold you. I have loved Stuart’s style ever since I first saw his painting, “Dancing Forest.” He has a wonderful way with the color blue. That land was made for both of you!

    • so glad you enjoyed the walk barb, i will show some more of the track soon, when S is walking well again after his back injury …. we love the place here … and his insistence on painting outdoors really affects the way he perceives the light and colour …. something to do with the retina becoming saturated 🙂

  2. Wow, I love the gnarly textures in the bark and the meandering limbs of the river gums. What a great spot you’ve got on nearby! Another great painting Stuart. The reflection of the sandy bank has me hooked and sees me going back to look at it again and again. It’s really captivating and soooooo well done. Best wishes for the exhibition!

    • thank you louise, i read your comment out to S this morning … a busy day today hanging the show and getting organised … so sad i miss out on the opening since i have a yoga class to teach at that time …. we all joked about doing a yoga demo at the opening but it is just not on … i will hear all about it and see the pics 😀

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