Baby birds and their Moms

Are you in the mood for cute? Check out the Mother’s Day blog by artist Douglas Peterson at Brighton Millpond.

Here is one of the images, the others are a goose and swan with their babies:
 The northern hemisphere is experiencing the births of the Spring season, while we down under are watching some of our birds begin nesting, although others wait a few months yet. Today I saw an Eastern Spinebill collecting spiderweb, which is used to bind the nest together.

25 thoughts on “Baby birds and their Moms

  1. I live on a creek with a lot of ducks (Duck creek – of course) – the baby ducks are cute but very hard to photograph well. This is a good one.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Great to hear from you bill, my husband lived on dUck creek when he was a little boy! Sorry for funny typing, a new iPad experience! Hope you visited Doug’s blog, it is lovely, you seem to be an artist also 🙂

  2. I thought, oooo Brighton Millpond, where is that! There was me thinking it was 50 miles away in Brighton. Doh! Either way Spring is fabulous in all it’s forms and wherever it is 🙂

    • funny … doug has become a friend through bird blogging … i did live in michigan once long ago … i am hoping others might connect to his blog although it is difficult since we cant check a follow button 🙂

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