Brush Bronzewing Pigeon

This morning while walking south beyond Bingie Point I saw a Common Bronzewing pigeon fly up from the track, large bright bronze wings flashing in the morning light. He was gone long before I had the camera out! Later as we drove home we spotted a pigeon sitting on the roadside where he had been foraging amongst the low shrubby casuarinas and wattles. I slowly and quietly slipped out of the car and began shooting on maximum zoom. He stayed as I approached, and when I saw I had a good image I turned to go, then heard his whistling wings as he flew away overhead. Thank you Brush Bronzewing, the perfect subject this morning!

Brush Bronzewing (Phaps elegans)

Brush Bronzewing preparing to fly

One lovely thing you cannot see in these images is the rich iridescent colour in the bands on the wings. These birds are uncommon, since they prefer undisturbed habitat, hard to find in our populated land.

Without accepting that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure.” Shunryn Suzuki

15 thoughts on “Brush Bronzewing Pigeon

  1. Beautiful photos! I needed that quote today. I’m in the midst of coping with a lot of changes with a lot more to come. Despite all the changes I feel calm and I have been wondering about it.

  2. Gorgeous colours! He is beautiful and if you can get the iridescent wings next time please 😉 Pigeons are very entertaining birds aren’t they?

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