Red Wattlebird

I have been busy, no time for my online activities for a few reasons, but one of them is because I have been helping my husband make a website for his upcoming art exhibition. He was sooooo excited when he made his first hyperlink! You can check it out, and leave him a comment if you like … bear in mind there is lots of editing needed for the details … but the main stuff is there now. Go to to learn about him and see the paintings for the next show.

And back to my blog at last …. here is a Red Wattlebird, photographed in Canberra a few weeks ago. You can see the small red wattle a little below his eye.  These honeyeaters are the second largest in Australia, and like our local wattlebirds, quite unmusical and noisy! I remember my daughter-in-law being quite exasperated with them as they sat underneath the children’s window and woke them at dawn with their raucous cries.

17 thoughts on “Red Wattlebird

  1. I’ve been thinking of choosing some of your photos to put on a Napkinwriter blog about Christine, the photographer and life-spirit in Australia and introduce readers to your dadirri7 blog, pointing them to it for daily strolls in Australia. Do I have your permission? Of course, I don’t know how I can make choices, they are all so great, but I’ll try to get a fine selection.

  2. When you really study the details of each individual creature, Mother Nature’s awesome talent is apparent and amazing. Think of the intricacy of each feather, and then the overall anatomy of a bird, coupled with the fact that there are thousands of varieties, each with it’s own traits. It is mind-boggling.

    • yes marcy, i agree, nature is so amazing …. all the beauty and complexity and brilliance … tonight we were reading a book on fungi, it is hard to comprehend the strange structures and textures of that life!

  3. This post so exciting with news of Stuart’s upcoming show! You give us your world with your camera and he does it with brushes and paint. What a duo! Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you both! (And thanks for rascally Wattlebirds).

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