Millthorpe Musing

Millthorpe is a well-preserved historic town in the Central West, not far from the city of Orange. We visited it during FOOD week, in cool autumn weather, and found it absolutely delightful. Here are some views of the graceful old buildings, the town, flowers, and birds. Click on the images to enlarge them and enjoy them fully!

20 thoughts on “Millthorpe Musing

  1. “Lolly shop” … cute name. This looks like a nice little town. I love the small towns that dot our countryside, too. The little tucked away places, each having a personality of their own. 🙂 Nice share.

  2. Lovely work! The variety of birds down your way is amazing. I love the old fashioned rose and the window. I can’t open the lolly shop picture sadly but I’m sure it would make me drool!

    • Sorry you cant see the lolly shop, i have had problems with photos loading on other people’s blogs too, more and more lately, dont know why? I loved that old rose … the whole town was pretty!

  3. This post illustrates one of the things I love best about blogging — it took me to a place I’ve never been and gave me a feel for it. Love the beautiful galah capture especially, but enjoyed all of the photos. Thanks! 🙂

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