Taurus New Moon

I follow a couple of astrology blogs, and find this one is a sweetie …. April Elliot Kent writes about New Moons and Full Moons and other sky-related things … here is quote I thought you fellow bloggers would enjoy:

So at this New Moon in the physically-oriented sign of Taurus, I pause each day to dutifully perform my determined little exercises –  in hopes, yes, of building my health. But more importantly, it’s to remind myself to take part in the physical world, the present moment, and to inhabit my whole life – including my physical body, down to the feet that keep me rooted here. To remember to appreciate the opportunity to inhabit the physical world and learn from it, and to open myself to other, more spontaneous physical and emotional activities. Even if only to breathe in the fragrant spring air and smile  into the sun. Even if only to say, “Now!”


4 thoughts on “Taurus New Moon

  1. Being a Taurus, myself, I have to appreciate your post this morning. A moon in Taurus is a wonderful thing and hopefully it will give us all the determination and grounding we need to have a productive day or two! 🙂

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