Rainbow Lorikeet

At this time of year flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets screech around the Banksia trees feeding on nectar from the blossoms. They are so noisy in that parrot kind of way that it is hard to miss them … but until now I could not get a good photograph to share with you.

Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on Banksia integrifolia

reaching out for a nectar laden flower

Rainbow Lorikeets feed mainly on fruit, pollen and nectar, and have a specially shaped tongue adapted to this diet. They are commonly fed by householders who put out a mixture of honey and water, but this is not a recommended practice. Here they feed in the wild, and gather in flocks when the banksias are flowering, to swoop and dive and call to each other in a raucous and colourful display of territoriality.


22 thoughts on “Rainbow Lorikeet

  1. You sure did hit gold on these photographs. I love the blue head against those bright feathers. And your images are so sharp. Both of these photos are worthy of framing. Great job! 🙂

  2. Fess up! Your husband painted these gorgeous piactures! The only word I recognize in your description is “rainbow”. It’s amazing how beautiful birds always find beautiful flowers to feed on.

  3. These are wonderful shots, Christine. On Saturday evening, we were out walking and came across a tree in which hundreds of them were settling down to roost for the night – what a racket!! They love feasting on the camellia bushes in our garden as well – it’s always lovely to hear their cheeky chattering and see them bouncing around in the bright pink foliage

    • so nice to know you know them too, they are so bold and noisy, so loud and colourful, it is quite a unique experience being assailed by the sight and sound of lorikeets!

  4. Do you realize the GIFT? Beautiful, breathtaking — I hope you have a hardcopy printed photo book of your nature photos. Wow! I see Coffee Table Book and famous new nature author/photographer reknown from Australia. Do you see it?

  5. WOW! Beautiful. I agree you should put together a photo book of wildlife your have taken in your area. I bet it would be a best seller.


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