Sea Eagle landing

Late one overcast afternoon this week I watched the White-breasted Sea Eagle take off from Shag Rock (a small off-shore granite outcrop), circle around the bay to engage with another sea eagle, then glide slowly back out to the rock. I was very lucky to capture this image of the eagle landing.

White-breasted Sea Eagle landing

Brings to mind the way we arrive at our destinations …. gliding in effortlessly, flowing in the energy of life that motivates and guides us with ease? Or struggling to achieve something that comes from ego, from the illusory self who imagines it is in control and responsible for everything? How much more joyful to float like the eagle on the air, carried every moment by the energy of life itself!


12 thoughts on “Sea Eagle landing

  1. It is a wonder everyone in Australia doesn’t walk around with a camera. However, your photo is not commonplace. Beautiful, Christine. I can’t help but think your camera has your heartbeat.

  2. The Eagle has landed! Remember the collective sigh of relief? Even though this was but a moment for this eagle, there is something about the word “landing” – a parachute, a flock of geese, a balloon, an airplane, a ship docking, the shuttle – we automatically have the same feeling, safe! – back to earth. Catching this shot must have given you a little shiver.

  3. Oh! How wonderful and beautiful this photo is. It stires up many emotions, as I feel and see from fellow bloggers comments. Your words and photo have enspired us all. Great post!


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