Chestnut Teal, and one Little Grebe

male Chestnut Teal on wetlands near Tuross River

This afternoon I had a chance to take photos of waterbirds nearby, both north near the Moruya River and south, near the Tuross River. We live in a beautiful part of the coast where rivers, lakes and lagoons are abundant, attracting a wide variety of waterbirds. Some of these birds visit our tiny ICOLL and others I can see by walking a little further, but the stretches of water near the big rivers provide habitat for treasure troves of birds. So you can tell I was out in the car again, parked perilously close to the highway, but absorbed in capturing images of these beauties to share with you. Here is the highlight of the afternoon, Chestnut Teal glowing in the westering sunshine. You will also see an Australasian Grebeย in breeding plumage. More birds tomorrow!

female Chestnut Teal

Chestnut Teal with wakes, Australasian Grebe at top

It was tricky capturing the Grebe, he would dive just as the camera clicked, and all I got was water! However this one was successful.

Australasian Little Grebe, breeding plumage

15 thoughts on “Chestnut Teal, and one Little Grebe

  1. It looks almost as if these beautiful birds are swimming in formation! What is it about looking at all wildlife that makes us so happy? Is it their lack of self-awareness or their freedom?

    • good question … i think you are right …lack of self …out construct of self is what sets us apart from the natural world … seeing ourselves as doers and thinkers …rather than understanding life expressing itself in this embodiment … just as it does in every other way such as in ducks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the way the water changes with the motion of the ducks, or the rain, or whatever else disturbs its surface. You have some wonderful shots of that motion! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cute ducks, too!

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