Black Swans

The wetlands around the Moruya River are all charged with water after prolonged rain. Water birds, including Black Swans, are swimming where we are used to seeing green grass and cattle, or during the decade of drought, just empty brown grass.  Here they mix it up a little. The easternmost mountains of the Great Dividing Range rise in the back ground, and our town is about five minutes away in that direction. Moruya is named from a Yuin aboriginal word meaning “home of the black swan”.

Cattle and Black Swans on the Moruya River flats

Zooming in, a closer view of the birds and cattle …..

Swans in the Paddock

and closer still!

Four Swans Swimming


17 thoughts on “Black Swans

  1. Just when we think we’be seen everything around you, here comes another beautiful view!
    The swans look so elegant, especially with those stylish tail feathers!

    • hope to keep surprising you barb! just learning to take the camera with me when i go out instead of just when i am walking 🙂 those tail feathers are gorgeous aren’t they!

  2. Ah, a Black Swan Quartet! Could be a great name for a barber shop group, don’t you think? 🙂

    I love those ruffles on the wingtips and tails. That’s so unlike our resident mute swans in Michigan. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  3. We went to the Snowy Mountains this weekend and for the first time since I’ve been in Australia, the actual lake part of Lake George (just outside Canberra) was visible from the road, and Lake Jindabyne was the fullest I’ve ever seen it.

    • Isn’t it wonderful to see these water places full? I picture the deep reservoirs under the earth being recharged too, such a relief after the long drought 🙂

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