Well, it is not fishing in the dam, it must be frogging! Here is the Pied Cormorant having a great feed of something from the house dam. The Moorhens wisely retreated and pretended to be busy at the other end of the water, fussing around the lily pads. When the cormorant flew up into the tree to dry they came back underneath to reassert their ownership!

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7 thoughts on “Frogging

  1. your blog is my personal favorite to enjoy with my morning coffee, wonderful wildlife that i have never seen (or imagined), thanks for making my mornings delicious,MJ

  2. Those pretty lilypads are the death of Florida lakes and ponds. They block the sun and bottom plants rot and die. The rotting depletes the oxygen then fish kill and whole food chain disrupted. Then bamboo and other shore plants grow and before you know it the area is just a marsh or dry land. Eutirfication.

  3. Nothing like a bit of frogging… Great shots of nature in truth and caw 😉 I don’t think the Moorhens were ever at risk from this predator. The goldfish on the other hand….

    Nice shots 🙂

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