Mullimburra sunrise

Meditating, sky went red, leapt up, grabbed a jacket and the camera, drove out onto the point, and captured a little of the sunrise to share. Felt embarrassed to be driving instead of walking but it was an emergency! Wherever the sun is for you, enjoy these views of sunrise here half an hour ago, and have a wonderful day being yourself in this beautiful world.

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22 thoughts on “Mullimburra sunrise

  1. Sunrises are all peaches and cream. Sunsets are all oranges and reds. Can’t decide which I like the best! The sun needs just the right clouds to cooperate either way. Gorgeous gift!

  2. thanks for sharing the experience through such great pics!

    btw, I have not forgotten that you bestowed an award on me — it just takes me a lot of time to figure out who to pass it on to in turn. My post will come out in the next few days —- don’t think i don’t appreciate it lots & lots!!

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