Monday morning walk

My husband was painting down near the lagoon, so I wandered down with the camera hoping to find a few new birds to show you. This gorgeous sunny day drew me in, and two hours later I arrived home with some lovely photos of my walk. This is part of the Bingie Dreaming Track, including some views, birds and butterflies encountered on the way. Of course there were other fabulous birds that flitted in front of me briefly, such as the Rufous Whistler, but for my own pleasure since the camera is too slow for such sudden visitations of the sublime!

In case you want to look up the birds, here are the links: Masked Lapwing, Brown Thornbill, Silvereye, Great Cormorant. Here is a picture of the Rufous Whistler

I hope you enjoyed sharing my walk 🙂

24 thoughts on “Monday morning walk

    • i just finished work for the evening .. teaching yoga … after this week and wednesday’s classes i have 2 weeks off, time for some more walks! sorry to hear about end-of-year accounts, gives me the horrors!!

    • i thought it was such a dull name for such a lovely creature …. but they are common, probably where you are too! as i walked they kept rising up from the path in front of me, invisible until they moved, then i just had to watch until they settled again 🙂

  1. Wow! Now that is one stunning morning walk hon! These photo’s are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I could smell the ocean breeze. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the wonderful walk. I think I would have deverted down that path to see where it lead. If I lived in your part of the world I would be trying my hand at painting as well. So much natural beauty to see. If looks like your husband has a great landscape in the process.


  3. Maybe I can come with Oprah’s next trip. (smile) I wish I could visit your country, it is so beautiful there. In any case, your photos and hospitality are the next best thing.

  4. What a wonderful beach and those shags are so geometrically interesting. Of course I love the birds, too. The only one that looks like ones in our country are the cormorants. I know we have lapwings here, but I’ve never seen one.

    Thanks for sharing with us …

    • good to hear from you doug, i was thrilled to see the lapwing on our beach today, they are such common birds but not usually here, more often you find them nesting on a traffic island in the city or something daft! did you see the photo that was inspired by you a few posts ago? it is here

  5. Wonderful walk, lovely photos, i can tell you are a happy person, I am also married to a painter, but the studio kind, not plein air, we both photograph but he has to revise his on canvas, i revise mine in photoshop, thanks for the walk this morning, MJ

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