Autumn Leaves

The grape vine between the house and the terrace is beginning to lose its leaves. We need the shade in summer, but in winter we want all the sunlight from the north to stream into the family room and warm the tiled floor, thus providing our heating on winter evenings. It works brilliantly, so we enjoy grapes and shade in summer, then red falling leaves, and open sky as autumn turns to winter.

grape leaves turning red

I know you Northern Hemisphere people are delighting in Spring, but I thought you might like to remember Autumn for a moment or two!



12 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Love a bit of Autumn – October mists 🙂 We’ve had some glorious spring weather this week but because it’s Saturday and I have to photograph the Footie, the clouds have moved in this morning. Vines always have some wonderful colours in the Autumn – nice shot.

  2. This serves as a nice reminder that the seasons vary around the world, yet here we are, able to share the different seasons. at the same time through cyberspace … very cool.

  3. Further proof that you live in a Fairy Land! Pink autumn leaves! When I saw the heading, I expected to see burnt orange and yellow. Joyful photos!

  4. Such beautiful colours at this time of the year – you have a perfect, environmentally friendly temperature control, there, and unlike unsightly airconditioners, lovely to look at

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