Lagoon Birds

Our little lagoon, or ICOLL, is not much to look at, just a big puddle behind the sand dunes that periodically opens to the sea allowing fish to swim out and eggs to float in. Therefore it is a valuable resource for fishes and prawns who can grow safely in the lagoon away from the predators of the open sea. That makes it a good fishing spot for cormorants, egrets and herons, and an occasional home for ducks and other water birds. Here are a few birds I have seen there this week.

Eastern Great Egret

As I approached this Eastern Great Egret flew up from the water’s edge onto a high tree branch, where it stood contentedly, grooming a little, while keeping one eye on me!

White-faced Heron

Much further away along the lagoon the White-faced Heron hunted for small fish. And in between a Little Black Cormorant sat still, entertained by my efforts to sneak closer! I don’t have any camouflage like Mike at Wilden Reserve who describes brilliantly his successful brush with a vixen, while hidden under a net and wearing full foxing gear.

Little Black Cormorant

A few evenings earlier I spotted a Whistling Kite flying over the lagoon, and saw it land on the same branch as the Egret above. I was shooting straight into the western sun, but managed to get something decent.

Whistling Kite

Almost every day I see the White-breasted Sea Eagles over the beach and headlands, they camp in thick trees behind the lagoon. They used to have a huge old nest along the road in the tall forest, but that was sold off and cleared for housing. We are not sure where they nest now. One day I will capture a good image of these magnificent birds, and meanwhile I will refrain from showing you the poor blurry shots I have so far captured 🙂 but if you want to see them follow the link above.

Mullimburra ICOLL looking east, open to the sea after rain

Mullimburra ICOLL looking west this morning


15 thoughts on “Lagoon Birds

  1. Living in the city I look forward to seeing your photos so I can be transported for a few moments or more to a calm beautiful (to me) place where birds and wildlife live. Thanks, as always for sharing.


  2. The bird life around you is fantastic, Christine.
    We go to Mallacoota once a year and it is the same there – a wonderful place to watch and listen to birds.

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