Australian Magpies

Magpies are common birds here, well-liked and often fed by households. Their early morning caroling is miracle of the Australian sound landscape, deep throaty warbles ranging widely in beautiful song. Here are the two that call our place home. She is the bigger bold bird, and he is slimmer and shyer. They have raised young and brought them to show us, but not in the last few years, we dont know why. Nevertheless we love to see them around!

Female Australian Magpie, NSW South Coast

Here she is on the marsupial lawn yesterday, scoffing down a tasty bug she has unearthed. He was nearby, patrolling the edge of the dam.

Male Australian Magpie, South Coast NSW

To hear the beautiful song go to this site and look in the right column lower down where you can click the sound recording. It is gorgeous!

24 thoughts on “Australian Magpies

  1. We have nothing like that in our region, but I’ve been out west where another species of magpies is common. On our trip, we’d see them along the roadsides and they were as distinctly marked as yours. The closest be come are bluejays who aren’t good singers. Most of their calls are loud squawks.

    The most wonderful bird song I’ve ever heard came from the throat of either a Wood Thrush or Hermit Thrush, not sure which, but it was probably a Wood Thursh. I was in the woods alone at sunset and the haunting song I heard was so beautiful I could have wept.

  2. Wonderful. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a magpie, but I remember the name from novels I’ve read. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I grew up with a magpie family. She would always bring her young to our back door looking for food. Then, after 10 or so years, that family disappeared. There are still magpies around my parent’s home, but not as friendly. Your so right. They have an amazing singing voice. Love them!

  4. Oh I love their song! It is such a beautiful chorus. We hear them in the gum trees nearby and it’s a sound I always pause to hear. Glorious. Thanks for posting and reminding me of the beauty that is right on my doorstep.

  5. My first look at a Magpie. I love the coloring – so stylish! I listened to their song, as well. What a lovely sound to wake up to!

  6. These ‘Magpies’ remind me more of Rooks (with their knee-high trousers) apart from their B&W colouring! But unlike our Rooks and Magpies, this clearly isn’t a member of the Crow family. The eyes are totally wrong. Without those black wells into the depths of the soul, I somehow can’t picture these appearing in a horror movie. 😉

  7. These are great photos.

    Their song was the very first thing I heard when I woke on my first morning after emigrating to Australia 14 years ago – it is such a gorgeous sound.. I have family visiting from Africa at the moment and we were comparing how the very strking and beautifully colored birds generally make discordant sounds (lorikeets and cockatoos) versus the plainer-looking birds who often have beautiful song (mynah birds excluded!)

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  9. As the magpie is my favourite bird in the world, may I reblog this tomorrow (Friday), please, Christine ? I’ll remove Likes and Comments from it at my end …

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