Out of Control?

These words are by Byron Katie, and came to me via a beautiful blog called Simply Blessed. There is lots more to read there so have a look. They tie in beautifully with our yoga message of last week which was based on Deepak Chopra’s ‘Law of Detachment’.

“How do we respond to a world that seems out of control? The world
seems that way because it ‘is’ out of control—the sun rises whether
we want it to or not, the toaster breaks, someone cuts you off on
your way to work. We’ve never had control. We have the illusion of
control when things go the way we think they should, and then when
they don’t, we say we’ve lost control, and we long for some sort of
state where we imagine we’ll have control again.

But suffering isn’t a result of not having control or of things
accelerating. It is a result of arguing with reality. When we
believe our thoughts, we suffer, but when we question them, we don’t
suffer. Freedom is as simple as that. When the unquestioned mind
moves out of its arguments with reality, we move into alignment with
constant change. After all, change is happening anyway, whether we
like it or not. Everything changes, it seems. But when we’re
attached to our thoughts about what that change should be, being out
of control feels uncomfortable.

If there is, in fact, an acceleration of changes, it’s a gift. The
apparent craziness of the world, like everything else, is a gift
that we can use to set our minds free. You can’t free yourself by
finding a “timeless, changeless dimension” outside your own mind.

When you question what you believe, you eventually come to see that
you ‘are’ the timeless, changeless dimension that you’ve been
seeking. Then you may find that you don’t need to navigate a future
at all—that what appears now is all you’ve got, and even that is always immediately gone. And when you’ve stopped doing war with reality, you ‘are’ what changes, totally without control. That state of constant change is creation without limits, efficient and free and beautiful beyond description.”

13 thoughts on “Out of Control?

  1. Wow — so well said: “Suffering is the result of arguing with reality”. Neat, simple, concise …….

    And — ta da! I’m awarding you the Top Recent Commenter Award!! Yea YOU:) Here’s the link to my post, where you can read the ‘rules’ & get the badge to display on your blog. Thanks for the comments!! http://wp.me/p1zocx-18n

    • wow, thanks MM, i did do a double take when i read you were awarding me, very funny! i am deeply touched, and although hopeless and doing the right thing with awards i stay open the possibility that i will do it all perfectly some time 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

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