Little Birds

A few treats this morning, when I was able to capture some of the speedy small birds as they hopped through the trees just after dawn. Here is a Red-browed Finch, and its nest, safe in the big thorns of prickly Hakea.

Red-browed Finch

large domed nest of the red-browed finch, built in prickly shrubs planted for that exact purpose

Superb Fairy Wrens were feeding on insects in the lemon tree; I was thrilled when they both appeared through the foliage for a few seconds! Can you see the tiny blue spots under the eye of the front bird? He is a male, moulting out of his breeding plumage which is very colourful.

Superb Fairy Wrens

Here is an image showing breeding colours ….

The third small bird is an old favourite, the Yellow Robin, looking very attractive as it rests for a moment on an old bean trellis.

Yellow Robin

Imagine how many insects these little birds consume, keeping our vegetable garden healthy every day!


23 thoughts on “Little Birds

  1. Your robin and wren are just the same shape as our plainer ones! We only see wrens flitting very quickly and taking a photo would be impossible! Great planting for the nest builders ๐Ÿ™‚

    • it was a birdlife desert when we came (after clearing for cattle) so it is thrilling to see the rich birdlife now! i am sure our robin and wren were named by english settlers longing for home ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What beautiful birds you are sharing with us. Thank you for taking care of the wild life in your area and for sharing their beauty with us,


  3. beautiful clear photos of gorgeous birds – gorgeous & gorgeous. i’ve never heard of a yellow robin. that’s sensational! the orange one’s just showed up here-another sign of an early spring.

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