Ocean Sunrise

We walked out early to meet the sunrise, disturbing kangaroos and wallabies grazing on Mullimburra Point. We spoke softly “It is only us!” A thin ribbon of cloud wavered above the horizon, already glowing soft pink, and the sea was silvery blue, quiet, waiting. Walking right out to the edge, a place where our children used to climb up craggy cliffs and jump down into the sea when a swell came through to catch them; we waited too. Waves splashed into the rocky caverns, sending spray flying, catching the first light. The distant clouds glowed brighter, streams of fire rippling out from their tattered edges. Then in the hush of morning the sun began to peep over the horizon, ocean ripples dancing in the light, dead casuarinas silhouetted starkly against the sky. All around the sky shone soft pink, and we began to walk back around the Point, through a forest of Banksia integrifolia, where about fifty Rainbow Lorikeets screeched overhead in a riotous dawn fly-over. Our beach was glowing too, strong golden reflections in the wet sand, sunlight touching wave curls, and the Sooty Oystercatchers having and early morning conference as they gleaned the sand. Enjoy the images, click on one to see it larger, or start a slideshow.

Have a wonderful day!

20 thoughts on “Ocean Sunrise

  1. You hit it right on when you said, “our beach was glowing too.” Your pictures show this too. I don’t leave near the ocean, but I’ve been there enough to know that this actually happens. The reflection of the sun in the water makes it seem the beach is actually glowing.
    You made me smile.

  2. Beautiful photos – I love the wet reflection on the sand and the sun coming through the wave. I can almost hear the waves crashing on those rocks – what a beautiful morning. I know you’ll laugh at this but it seems surreal to see the sun RISE over the ocean (and not set, like it does here!!)

    • i sometimes imagine the sun setting into the ocean just as strange to me … some of the californian based guided meditations use this image of course …. we will come a visit one day 🙂

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