South East Harvest

Months of work were rewarded this weekend with a marvelous Harvest Festival in Moruya. It began with a picnic on Friday evening, where we also learned something of the rich history of the area. After torrential rain and storms Saturday dawned a little cloudy, but the day soon brightened and people began to stream into the festival area adjacent to the Moruya Markets in Riverside Park. I was there early and caught some of the stall holders while they were fresh! Here are some images from the morning.

Our local community garden was the main beneficiary of all the fund raising; Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening Eurobodalla. There was a lot more happening so I will share more next post!

22 thoughts on “South East Harvest

  1. Oh this is wonderful 🙂 fantastic foodies paradise with such variety. I simply love real good honest food straight from the growers. Your photos are great and took me right there. Reminds me of apple day here in October. I’m assuming there was live music to add to the pleasure? Heaven;y, I can’t wait for summer 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. A thoroughly enjoyable post, Christine – the produce looks deliciously fresh. Lime-infused gingerbeer sounds intriguing – I would imagine it to be quite refreshing

  3. Great pictures, and I love all of the focus on sustainable agriculture. Don’t know why I couldn’t find this posting before. Thanks for sharing, and it’s great that you have a local community garden as well!

    • We now have a tandoor there, last week the first friday evening with pizza and gardening, then this week a whole lot of young families turned up, all the littlies playing amongst the beds, the parents making food, and gardening, what an amazing scene … my husb said “now we have life at SAGE” … not just older people, but those with their children who will grow up growing food 🙂

    • thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 in the transition back to whole living these festivals encourage us all, and remind others of where food comes from!

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