A-Z Archive: K is for Kicking Kangaroos

Two large male Eastern Grey Kangaroos having a little tussle over mating rights yesterday. Before and after the competition they were quite relaxed, eating grass and ignoring each other.

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This is my second entry to the “K” challenge, the other was on Kathmandu on my Heartfelt Images blog. This one is right here at home, so the dadirridreaming blog is the place for it. If you are keen to join in check out Frizztext’s site,  http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/a-z-archive-k-challenge/. I really enjoy trolling through the archives, remembering travel and other good times!

21 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: K is for Kicking Kangaroos

  1. I am so glad you decided to show the kangaroos. I love your other entry as well, but was looking forward to seeing the kangaroos. Did you feel my desire to see them? I’m thinking you did. Great slideshow.


  2. Very amusing! You get to see kangaroos tussle over women, and we get to see deer locking horns with each other during mating season. I’m glad you posted some kangaroo photos!

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