Take One Step

A beautiful post ‘Just One Step‘ from my favourite astrologer Len Wallick, talking about  the planets Pluto (in Capricorn) and Mars (in Virgo) forming an Earth trine with Venus and Jupiter in conjunction in the earthy house of Taurus. He suggests you go outside and look towards the western horizon in the evening to see Venus and Jupiter blazing together in the heavens. Then use the flowing earth energy to take that first step in the direction to which you are drawn …. what is it that attracts you at the moment? What is tantalising? What is hovering there on the edges of your awareness beckoning?

nationalgeographic image of venus and jupiter conjunction

Even now, when many feet get little use, an ancient wisdom prevails. The longest journey cannot begin without a first step. Having been taken, that step is like the sight of Venus and Jupiter in conjunction, a moment of understanding through the body, never to be forgotten. That’s why it means something to make that moment happen over the next two days. It will connect you to the circuit connecting the earth under your feet with the brightest beacons in the sky. Take back a few minutes of your own life, take a breath with purpose, being present to what attracts you and where that is, then lift your foot and place it down in the direction your energy is drawn to go. Of course, there is a great risk involved. The other foot may decide to follow, and then what would you do?

9 thoughts on “Take One Step

  1. This reminds me of a saying I read recently: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” As I grow older, this really makes me stop and think! Thank you for “First Step.”

    • glad you are interested, many of my readers are christians and perhaps afraid of anything different, so astrology posts are not very popular, but they are part of the divine expressing through christine so i do them now and then 🙂 thanks sonel!

  2. I am out trying to get rid of the clouds that cover the northern lights display, and suddenly realized that i could try a making a ball of light in the overwhelming darkness, look up ball of light online, thanks for the first step,MJ

  3. mj, i love this, wow, a ball of light to dispel the clouds, it sounds perfect! you are awesome 😀 did you find the denis smith ball of light paintings online? … dont they look incredible!

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