Big Seas and Surf

The low pressure system that brought us the last few wet days also whipped up a big swell creating dangerous conditions along the coast. Of course the surfers always know where to find the right wave, and they gathered in droves at our beach where a nice wave appears in a southerly. Others came just to see the ocean! Enjoy the slideshow.

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and today … the seas have abated, the beach is re-shaped, and the lagoon forms a picturesque horsehoe … all very pleasing.


16 thoughts on “Big Seas and Surf

  1. Christine, is it like they say that being close to the surf is invigorating? Something about negative ions? Just your sweeping photos had that effect on me!

  2. These photos are beautiful. The sky, water, waves and rocks poses a wonderful scene. You can find the positive in the negative if you search for it. Thanks for sharing.


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  4. What absolutely beautiful seascapes! So much energy and movement. Love them.
    And also to say many thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a ‘Like’!

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