Unfathomable Mystery

Here is a message from one of my teachers, Richard Miller of Integrative Restoration. This was in his newsletter I received today …. I am sure he wont mind me sharing it with you.

As a child I had fun standing between parallel mirrors in my parents’ bathroom, experiencing the reflected images of myself as infinite expressions of my one appearance. Later in life, meditative self-inquiry revealed that everything—every thing—is a doppelgänger expression of the unfathomable mystery from which we are all born, in which we live out our lives, and back into which we shall all return.

I’ve come to realize that nothing—no thing—is separate, except as imagined distinct by my mind, which has been engineered by nature to project separation where none actually exists. What magic! How astounding!

When we recognize that there is no other, that everything is an expression of the undivided Mystery, we perceive unity everywhere, even as our mind perceives diversity. As we live this realization, love blossoms and collaboration is realized to be the only possibility.

When we live ensconced in the belief of separation we suffer. But suffering is simply a messenger that’s signaling us to turn back into collaborative relationship with ourselves, and those around us, and re-discover our underlying unity. Living our unity evokes unchanging well-being, joy, dynamic stillness and true collaboration, in which we are always meeting ourselves as infinite doppelgänger expressions of our underlying unity. Please join me on retreat, or at an iRest training, where our deepest intention is to live our unity, in heartfelt collaboration, even as we play together in diversity.”

I practise yoga nidra regularly, we often do it in our yoga classes, it is incredibly restorative, and they say that a 30 minute yoga nidra is equivalent to three hours of sleep. I cant recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to relax, heal, and grow spiritually.

10 thoughts on “Unfathomable Mystery

  1. My spirit knows that I should return to yoga but my restless mind isn’t quite ready yet and I know I wouldn’t be able to settle. He sounds like a wonderful teacher.

  2. Wow! What a lovely message and I love the photo! It’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing hon! I wish we had yoga classes like this here. I love yoga and normally just get some from youtube and do it at home. I will look out for this kind of yoga as well. It sounds fascinating! 🙂

  3. Aha, someone else coming to the same conclusion, I pursue persistently and passionately to understand and live — that we are ONE, there is no other! I’m sure I’d be ONE in one of his retreats. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. This sort of rings my bell (I read their website) as I put together my collage of services I wish to offer to seniors, caretakers, and dementia sufferers, along with Reiki and EFT; Do you think they fit together? There is a level 1 training in Columbus, OH the closest I could find — it would be a stretch to save but I know it could be done. would appreciate your thoughts on this Christine.

    • Dear Sue I would recommend it if it is do-able, you will know if it feels right for you. They are having wonderful success with PTSD in war veterans. It works wonders for my yoga students who all nod enthusiastically when I ask if they would like to have a yoga nidra….. a chance to work on all our bodies at once in the most relaxing way 🙂 Christine xx

      • Thanks, this really captures my attention and desire. I spent a few hours surfing all over his website and onto the teachers sites to see how they were fitting it into their practices. Will pursue this possibility…I wonder how much service a woman in her 70s will be able to give, this is like a mosaic being put together….will see where it leads and what the final pattern is in time. Grateful for all your posts and this is special. Today’s High Seas just takes me away. Now to the candle and quiet.

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