Moorhen survival

You might be wondering if the Moorhens have survived the flooding rains … yes still raining today and more to come! Good news, here they are. This morning as the rain fell they were out in new territory, exploring the flooded grass where the house dam was forced to flow as the other outlet was chock-a-block. Water was rushing in faster than it could escape. The Dusky Moorhens were grabbing insects from the water and the grass, no doubt insects washed away in the flood and not used to swimming.

In the downpour they were sheltering under the bushy grasses, (juncus) then dashing out to grab passing food!


11 thoughts on “Moorhen survival

  1. Oh, they are adorable and so lucky to have you there to look out for them! Thanks for sharing these awesome photo’s once again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. They’re lookin’ good! Nice and healthy.

    I saw pictures online of trees in your region that were covered in spiders. It was like a horror movie! We don’t give much thought to insects that usually live on the ground. When the water rises, they emerge and we see how many “neighbors” we have. I heard that the average square meter has something like 300 spiders of all sizes in it if the conditions are right. I happen to like the little guys most of the time except when they scurry under my sheets on my bed just before I retire. I end up ripping up the whole bed until I can rid my bed of him!

  3. The chicks are growing well aren’t they – won’t be long before they’re self sufficient ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like the flooding is providing a bountiful harvest for them!

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