Our Daily Birds

So grateful for birds, every day! After ten days of rain the sun shone for two days, but now it is pouring again. Here are the birds I photographed yesterday on a long beach walk.  With the moon waxing to full tomorrow tides are very high, and very low. We were able to walk around the northern headland onto the next beach, and right to the end of it, where there is a big lagoon favoured by cormorants, pelicans and black swans. Only the swans were absent, but there were gulls, herons and all our usual birds in their radiant beauty. At home the Little Wattlebird was feeding on the new banana flowers ….

Little Wattlebird feeding on banana flower

and the Grey Butcherbird was in the gum tree ….

Grey Butcherbird

then through the bush to the beach where great drifts of kelp had piled up, and the Sooty Oystercatchers were hunting for pippies

Sooty Oystercatcher

We walked for another 30 minutes to the far end of Meringo Beach, where the Meringo ICOLL was open to the sea. I first noticed cormorants perched on bare braches over the water

Little Black and Little Pied Cormorants

then I saw the Pelicans

and Silver Gulls

Silver Gulls behind another group of Cormorants

The ICOLL open the sea at present …

Meringo ICOLL

At the far end of Meringo Beach there is some columnar basalt, so we climbed about a bit before walking back.

there were Red-Capped Plover on the beach,

Red-Capped Plover

look how perfectly his colours match the surroundings!

Pied Oystercatcher

and Pied Oystercatchers …. can you see he is banded? I wonder who is doing that research? We were almost home when we saw the Ravens in Stinky Creek, picking up tasty things stranded in the seaweed!

Australian Raven hunting in Mullimburra ICOLL

18 thoughts on “Our Daily Birds

  1. What an awesome collection of photographs. These are beautiful, not only in clarity, but in subject matter. I enjoyed the share, so thank you for posting.

  2. I think we are ll very grateful for your birds and to you for sharing them! What a delightful walk. I think its the grey butcher bird for me, what a little cutie. Thanks also for your knowledge of both birds and basalt. Fantastic post Christine 🙂

    • my goodness, i am hopeless at these awards … but will do my best … in my imagination i have a neat awards page with everything ordered! thanks so much, i love photographing the birds, and without the blog i would not have any way of sharing my images 🙂 your enthusiasm really helps, that is life, all energy moving 😀

    • what an interesting thought louise, it feels right, i must sit with it for a while … certainly they are often there when i am and i love how they run and stop, bob, dip, so funny and beautiful all at once 🙂

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