In the Rain

Our cloudy and muggy February has given way to a soaking March. Rain has set in and the dams are already overflowing at Dadirri. On the third day of rain we have had to light the fuel stove to heat our water, which is usually heated by the sun. How lovely the house feels now with the warmth and radiance of the fire! Our granddaughter was visiting too, so we played with the vintage house and the little people before making gingerbread to eat after lunch.

organizing the little people

fire to warm us all

gingerbread men!

I only just thought to check on the Moorhens, who are quite OK, although I hope the missing parent who may be nesting is also OK, and not swamped by rising water. Just below the house an adult is sheltering one of the chicks under his feathers on a safe platform, while the other boldly roams on the tropical waterlilies.

sheltering the 5wk old young

brave wanderer

see the Moorhens at bottom, left of centre

Here you can see the dams have flooded the stepping stones, and the lotus are on their toes trying to stay above water.

house dam, lily pond and big dam (muddy) all full!

We are delighted, rain is always short here, and it is a treat to have a cool snuggly day in March which is usually so hot. Time to put the raincoats on and go to inspect the lagoon!


24 thoughts on “In the Rain

  1. You are so good at taking us along with you to look around! Wonderful long shots. Your granddaughter is growing! And the fire looks awfully good to me, too, up here in (still) soggy Seattle. Thanks, Christine!

    • yes those shots help you get your bearings at dadirri …. and yes my granddaughter is a tall girl, still only two and a half tho’ … time to relight the fire, things are still wet today 🙂

  2. Now that looks so cozy and those gingerbread cookies looks yummy! Lovely photo’s once again. I love the rain as well. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Thank you for showing us the wide view. It is just lovely. So much of nature around you. Something missed out here in the city. I love the warmth that comes from the stove and the ginger bread cookies. Just what Grandma’s house should look like.


  4. I love how the beds line up! I’m looking forward to spring and going garage saling for some little girl stuff for Amy; we don’t have much on hand right now and can’t pay big store prices.

  5. I had a beautiful nostalgic moment when I looked at your pictures. When I was a boy, my sisters and my cousins would play under the rain. Then after it stops, we would check the nearby pond were the water overflowed. Sometimes we get lucky and would catch a “mud fish” and other pond life. It was a fun time. Then our mom would make us a warm soup. Thank you for such a beautiful post!

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