Birds in the Silver Princess

At sunset yesterday I noticed our flocks of small birds darting in and out of the Silver Princess gum-trees.  Some were picking off insects, others were after nectar from the blossoms. The nectar-eaters are easier to photograph since they stay at the blossom while their long tongues draw up the sweet sustenance. Insect eaters are there and gone, before I can even squeeze the trigger! The first photos are of the Yellow-faced Honeyeater

yellow faced honeyeater at the blossom

yellow faced honeyeater

Our two most numerous honeyeaters tended to vie for position at the blossoms, but even though the New Holland Honeyeater is smaller it was not outdone by larger birds.

new holland honeyeater waiting his turn

getting the goodies

and from beneath!

At first I thought these were Little Wattlebirds, but their back colouring is wrong, or is it the later afternoon light confusing me? No I am right, this is a female Olive-backed Oriole

female olive-backed oriole feeding

displaying a pretty underside

in the queue!

olive-green and grey back colours

I hope you enjoyed the sweetness of these pictures as much as the birds enjoyed the sweetness of the nectar!

12 thoughts on “Birds in the Silver Princess

      • Oh, what we won’t do to get lovely shots like this! I am allergic to grass so when the Vervets are here I sit down on the grass with them and itch for 2 days after that! LOL! But it’s worth it hey? 🙂

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