Growth Vs Protection! What is your Perception…?

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For quite some time now one of my favorite subjects has been the arena of Epigenetic Biology and Unified-Physics; simply put, it is how our interaction and perceptional beliefs of our environment will impact upon our Cellular Biology and the resulting DNA along with it.  Epigenetic ‘s means that we are no longer at the mercy of our genes and that we are NOT destined to fall into the same genetic conundrum as our forefathers.  THANK THE UNIVERSE!

With the latest published findings of Nassim Haramein and Dr Bruce Lipton the Cell has been found to exist at the event horizon; making the human experience an expanding, contracting explosion of creation and destruction, very similar to black/white holes found at the center of every single galaxy in the known Universe.  It only takes a moment to observe our environment to see this exchange of information happening in every…

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