Red-capped Plovers

The Red-capped Plovers are in breeding plumage again, and we witnessed a bit of argy-bargy on the beach yesterday. There were three birds, an adult pair and a juvenile male, foraging on the sand, when suddenly the adult male flew at the younger male who was apparently having ideas about the adult female. In a moment all was calm again, and I caught some lovely shots of them in the diffuse light.

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“The Great Way has no gate; there are a thousand paths to it” – Wumen

16 thoughts on “Red-capped Plovers

  1. They are much classier looking than seagulls, for sure! I especially like #2 – graceful pose with reflection. So much variety in your neighborhood!

  2. I seeing birds I’ve never seen before on your blog. Thank you. I becoming a bird watcher. The photos are wonderful. It’s cold here and I love the feeling you give us of being right on the beach with you.

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