Bower Birds

Our grapes are ripe now …. large bunches of black grapes, Chambourcin, hanging over the patio on the northern side of the house. At night all sorts of furry creatures come and nibble, so there are grape skins and seeds and sticky juicy bits all over the tiles in the morning. From dawn the bower birds take over, landing on the metal roof with a clunk, then stealthily eating grapes until hunted off by a bird with more status. They gather in nearby trees to check that the coast is clear. We net some grapes for ourselves with sufficient success, and don’t mind sharing the others. I had the camera in my hand when this adolescent bower bird appeared yesterday. The look is typical, peering about to check for safety, whilst ready for flight!

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9 thoughts on “Bower Birds

  1. Gosh, that sounds like fun to watch! The bird is handsome with those big blue eyes. You are surrounded by such abundance and most of the plants and creatures I see on your blog are new to me. I’m enjoying all I’m seeing here!

    A light illuminates the parking lot beside my apartment. If I go outside early enough in the warm months, birds will be on the ground beneath it looking for bugs that might have been attracted to the light during the dark hours. Sometimes birds with hover while flying, facing the wall, as they pick off moths that thought they had found safe places to hide during daylight.

    • that sounds perfect for photo opportunities doug! i just caught the Yellow Robin on the terrace again… attracted to an insect who was perhaps after the grapes ….

  2. Is that the same Bower Bird that decorates his “hut” with colorful trash to attract his lady love?
    Maybe he overlooked the leavings from the grapes! His beautiful blue eyes would be enough for me!

    • hi barb, i am trying to get a photo of the adult male , he is spectacular with his blue/black colouring and bright blue eyes, but hard to catch! yes it is the same bower bird, they collect blue things for the bower 😀

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