More Moorhens

This is the third day since the Dusky Moorhen chicks appeared on the dam. At first there were six, but on the second morning there were only five, and they are all still present. The parents are very busy feeding the young, taking them not only the length and breadth of the house dam, but also through the lily pond and into the big dam. Their loud cheeping call sounds as they move along, and the young pipe back just as sharply, staying in touch as they scramble over waterlily leaves or through reeds and swim bravely across water. Naturally they hug the reedy edges, keeping close to cover when they can. When I went out with the camera this morning the mother called all the young underneath her for safety. Enjoy the slideshow! I have added the images again below so you can see them more clearly too.

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on the waterlily leaves


young hiding under mother

father (?) finding food amongst lotus

amongst the red azolla


13 thoughts on “More Moorhens

  1. That picture with a parent feeding them on the lily pads is superb!

    Those little guys get more care than ducklings do. Ducklings aren’t fed by their parents at all. Seeing them grow is terrific. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I look forward to seeing more as they mature.

  2. How nice of nature to provide them with lily pad islands! The vibrant colors – gray, orange, green, pink and blue all in one frame. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder! It’s a rare treat!

    • yes they are amazingly well co-ordinated to scramble over them in the way they do … and being little fluff-balls they prefer to be on the leaves instead of in the water 🙂

  3. Beautiful photographs. 🙂 Really nice post.
    I pass on a blog award to your blog, to send best wishes to you and your blog. You can check about that one, in my blog.

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